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Looking for this part...


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Hi All, 


Just wondering if anyone has one of the right side fairing vents kicking around for an R1150RT....


I’ve been watching Ebay but haven’t seen one come up....


Here is what I’m looking for. 





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46 63 2 313 638     GRID, RIGHT       $35.21


Will have to check in garage in the morning.  I might have one.



NOPE.  Surprised, I really thought I had it.  I had to replace my right side panel last year.  The piece is available new.  You won't find it used typically, it would still be attached to the fairing panel.


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Things might be slowing down enough for me to write my introductory posting, but I'm sure I can spare the vent you need off my bike. I can't say that I have it for certain, since I can't say I've looked at it directly and said "OH! A vent.", but if it is there, it is yours.


My tale of woe will explain why whenever I get to it.




EDIT: I have both. Message me your addy and I'll send you the wrong side.


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