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New Clutch Judder


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I recently got my R1100S back on the road after clutch spline / input shaft replacement.  I replaced both the input shaft and the whole clutch pack.


First few days, I had occasional rough clutch actuation -- I'm a pretty low-rev, short-shifting rider, so I wasn't really flogging it, but I'd get this vibrating feedback going during clutch engagement where it was really rough and nasty sounding.  I could rev through it and get a fairly smooth launch when it happened, but it was a bit worrisome.


Good news is, it's pretty much gone away.  Either the parts are getting bedded in, or I've learned to use the new clutch better, but I haven't had any more problems.


So, if you've never had a new clutch on your oilhead before, and you get one and it's wonky and juddery, just ride through it for a week or so.   There's a fair shot it'll get better, or at least you'll get used to it.  Your beloved bike probably isn't ruined.

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You must have bought a clutch kit with the longer splines, that takes a while to “seat”. Mine took 1000 miles to calm down.  Oh no I’m wrong you replaced the input shaft too.  The longer splines would not affect that.  

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In the good old days, when a clutch was replaced in a car or bike and had a jutter, we would put the front end against a stationary object and do a little "burn-in" on the clutch. This would bed the clutch to the flywheel and smoothe the action.

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