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My GT Really Is Here


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It does exist cool.gif






So, obviously there is no ride report yet wink.gif


Some comments after finally seeing it.


The color...some will hate it and others will like it. The reason? Its changes hue depending on the light. It can look flat grey, or grey/silver/slight bronze tint metalic metalflake all at the same time. If you look closely at the third picture you get a feeling for it. It is more pronounced in person.


The fairing...the character line does break up the size more than I would have thought. The width in front of the knees is wider than I had anticipated, almost RT sized. It is narrow from the front.


The ergos...well, not being able to set on it, but still, it appears in the high setting (it was shipped that way) it certainly seems close to an RT, but obviously can be adjusted downward for those that want something closer to the old RS or GT.


Tommorrow it will be actually put together ... thumbsup.gif

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That is the strangest mirror position I have seen grin.gif. I have to admit that it really looks different from the previous pictures I have previewed. I anticipate the ride report and pictures.



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I stopped by Iron Horse yesterday, and saw one they had just uncrated. OMG! Bike looks way better in person, I like it. If a guy/girl wanted a full tourer with a kick ass engine, and reasonable weight, this is your ride. Typical BMW fit and finish, some very nice little details.

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Gratz on the new ride. Kinda like being a kid at Xmas. Thanks for including the photos as they do seem to reveal a bit more about the look of the bike.

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