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My almost new to me 2011 r1200Rt began to stumble today when I was riding. It was 92 degrees out. I have just shy of 32K on the bike. It has been flawless. I noticed the stumble after slowing done and accelerating hard then noticed it anytime I was taking off or laying on the throttle. Even with this I was still able to cruise at 70 on the highway home. I would suspect bad gas, clogged fuel filter, or bad coil pack but I don't know these bikes. It has been serviced regularly by the same dealer since new at all the recommended intervals. Any suggestions?

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beemer chuck

Try a tankful of a good quality Injector cleaner. 
Had similar issues on a 11 RT last year. That turned out to be a occasionally sticking injector. 
finally replaced it. 
also when we’re the plugs last changed? Some camheads have eaten up plugs by 24 K.

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