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I don't remember exactly what this is for.  I remember one broke on my R1150RT.  I ordered 2 just in case....well the 1150 has been gone for 7 years now.  I think it is a tab that attaches somewhere on the Tupperware, just don't remember where.  I will put it in an envelope and mail it to the first person who pm's me their address. Sorry the part number has faded.  Never opened. Cleaning out old parts.  I think I have clutch lever somewhere....will advise.





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11 hours ago, Claudio said:

That is an insert that fits on the tabs of the black triangles on each side of the tupperware.


What???? There are supposed to be inserts on those tabs? Hrmmm, maybe if they were present it might stop the triangles from flopping around so much.

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4 hours ago, Skywagon said:



05  52 53 2 313 448  SUPPORT RIGHT



goes on triangle.  They break overtime.  If you are missing them I suspect your triangle doesn't fit right or rattles as Roger suggest

They are soft and flexible when new. Fill up the excess space where the tabs slide into the foot peg plates. The ambient heat makes them hard and brittle and they just break away eventually.

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