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Questions questions what is missing?


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Few pics here.

1The threaded holes on both sidea of fairing had some short pegs from an old suzuki ts or something havent seen these on other bikes. For crashbar?

2 did someone remove the vents is that is what is missing

3  Seal for windshield or something? 


4. Does anyone clean rust off and paint header pipes or leave as is. I like em clean if i can manage and high heat sprayed. 

5 Is there a plug i should be buying with single spark that u all find works best?

6 anyone ever in eastern WA? Come by tri cities (richland) ill buy u a meal and welcome. Haven't had as much fun since college when i helped few folks with nortons or motoguzzis along the roads and got to talk bikes. Met a guy yesterday at random on a non boxer gs and his buddy. Then stopped by area dealer today. Been on phone with buddies talking bikes. Been long time since I had this kind of espirit de corps vibe.

Love the how the bike rides. Ive never ridden anything just quite like it.

Surprised at how tall my gears are. 

I do hear that bit of a tick on start up. Im sure last guy didnt change oil or anything so Im easy does it till I get through maintenance. Doing clean up now. Cant stand rusty screw heads etc. Shows they havre been in place a long time over a maint. Area but clutch gearbox and motor sure seem tight. Dry seals

Thanks to everyone for input so far. See you on the roads








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First pic is definitely aftermarket. Who knows what was in there? Highway pegs? Second pic looks like one of the vents just fell out. 


Lots of folks use the Autolite 3923.  I've been using them for 20 years. 

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As D.R. asked, I believe, in another thread, was your bike a police bike at one point in its life? Sure looks that way. Those threaded bosses were most likely part of the crash/protection bars - my recollection is that all the RTs had the frame mounting points for those bars in front, but on the civilian bikes they are simply covered by the tupperware. Here's a pic of an RTP that's been "converted" back to civilian use (well, sort of - mostly they just painted it black - still has the bars and the rear radio box instead of a pillion seat):





The vent that's missing was likely removed to mount lights - like in the circles here:




I pointed out some other RTP features with the arrows - extra switch pods on both sides, the "Euro" or "Police" headlight switch on the right grip cluster that allows you to turn the head and running lights off completely, and the police ("authority" in BMW speak") speedometer.


As for the hand warmer vents you asked about in that old thread, here's where they are:



(notice the speedo difference? supposedly the authority speedos are very accurate, whereas the civlilan ones tend to display about ten percent -or more- over your actual speed)


one more vent shot:




(and one more speedo - I just noticed when posting that this one is marked for KPH)


I'm not sure what you're asking about in pic 3. The open holes to the left and right under the windshield? If so, those would have screws holding the dash panel in place. Again, probably removed to mount something that was later removed. Here's what a stock civilian bike looks like:



The header pipes are stainless, so they aren't rusty - they just get that "lovely" brown color from use. People used to have them blasted and then ceramic coated, and I suppose you could clean and paint them if you wanted...but I'd save that for a later project. Oh - if you haven't already heard this: it's not good practice to start your bike and let it "warm up" - since it's largely air cooled, the exhaust will get REALLY hot if you let it sit at idle. It can/will melt the plastics around the headers, and I've heard of bikes catching fire as a result of melting plastics. 


I'm in Olympia - be happy to get together some time if you like. I'm no great mechanic, but I've had a few BMW bikes over the last twenty some years (currently two R1100S bikes, so pretty similar to yours in many ways) and a 2012 R1200GS (new to me ), and have done a lot of my own maintenance and such. 


Jim gave you good advice on spark plugs - they work well for keeping the motor smooth and they're cheap. :)


Glad to hear you're enjoying your bike!

cheers - 




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