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Northwood NH GS style.


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This came together rather quickly, like last night quick. I took the day off from work and threw the route together using This Tool, it seemed pretty accurate. Not sure if it’d work in your location but it might be worth a try. :thumbsup:We (my buddy Mitch) and I met up in Northwood and the dirt roads were pretty darn near perfect. We did end up on a snowmobile trail (wasn’t marked) and got scolded by the local volunteer FD as they were fighting a brush fire off this particular trail/road. It would have been cute to snap a pic but they seemed pretty serious. :grin:


A few pics of a much needed mental refresh! :clap:



The road that became a snowmobile trail in a hurry. :grin:




More water. :revit:


Rest stop.


And a pretty nice “Thing” ;) at the meetup location.


170 mile round trip of awesomeness! :thumbsup:

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I did NOT see any snow in the pic of the snowmobile trail.  I thought Summer was just around the corner.   :dontknow:

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45 minutes ago, wbw6cos said:

I did NOT see any snow in the pic of the snowmobile trail.    :dontknow:


Haven't been too far north yet but was told as of last week that a lot of the hiking trails still had plenty of snow above 2500 feet. :dontknow: I'll stick to the snowmobile paths, dem hikers get really pissed when you honk the big GS by them on their trails. :rofl:

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