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Police Bikes in Other Countries


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I still read Finnish newspapers to see what’s going on back home, I also really like to just see random pictures and scenes from there.

As an illustration for an article I just read, they had a picture of local police from there.




The cops there have pretty cool bikes!

Looks like a VFR1200 and a (help me out here) a KTM 1190?



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Why is the Finnish word for "police" different on the VFR than the KTM and automobile?  Thanks.

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Finland is officially bilingual country.  "Poliisi" is Finnish, "Polis" is Swedish.


Here's another one they have, Kawasaki H2 SX.   200HP! 




Also source of major GPS envy :-)




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Joe Frickin' Friday

Moto in Japan, 2010:




They seem to use a lot more protective gear than US motor cops do.

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On 5/30/2020 at 3:57 PM, Skywagon said:

we living in 2017 while this cop living in 3017 | loiter.co


That one caught my attention. It's real, and belongs to the Brevard County Sheriff's Department. Not much in the way of cornering clearance.... I kind of like the cowcatcher on front....



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