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ESPN does Lance Armstrong


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Not sure if anyone watched the first installment Sunday night but if not I’m sure in the dearth of live events they’ll be replaying it again soon. While they are taking some heat for publicizing a “scoundrel” I personally found it very compelling. Being reared on a farm and seeing what steady 18 hour days look like (plus some marathoning experience) I remained a believer right up to the end. If my experience doesn’t sound convincing read John Krakauer’s “Into Thin Air” to see just what human limits are. 

Believe there’s value in peeling back the psyche of someone who seems unable to act responsibly with values.  Rationalization is a powerful force, especially when there’s a void in one’s upbringing. Proper behavior is learned from bad examples as well as good. To criticize the production as I noted is like saying John Steinbeck should have left out several characters from his classic “East of Eden”. 
In any case, recommend viewing the show. 


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While I'm sure his story is compelling, the fact that he screwed so many people over both before and after getting caught in his house of lies makes me not want to put any time into his story.

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