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1200RT Current draw


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I'll start this off by prefacing, I don't know squat about electricity, ampres, volts, jiggawatts, or flux capacitors. My question is: When one increases speed and the radio volume starts increasing is there an increased draw on voltage? The reason I ask is I've connected a Roady2 sat. receiver to the outlet plug left side under the radio remote buttons and when the volume start increasing sometimes the sat. receiver shuts down and wont power up again until I turn off the key and let the CANBUS go through it's checks. If I'm quick to the draw and lower the volume while increasing my speed I have no problems with it. Is the sat. receiver sucking all the life out of my bike (at least 5 ampes worth) and shutting down to protect itself??

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I doubt a Roady 2 draws as much as 1/2 an amp. Without seeing your wiring I can't comment on what or where the problem may be although almost all the Delphi products use very poor quality connectors at the radio so it might be there.

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Must be something else that is shutting off the circuit. Maybe you just have the radio volume too high. Connect the Roady through the aux input if you are using a modulator, otherwise I don't know.

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