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Hall Effect Sensor looks bad


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I'm trying to post a picture detail?.dir=a172re2&.dnm=301fre2.jpg of the HES on my 2002 1150RT. I'm not sure what to make of it other than it looks BAD. I removed the HES, took the wire wrapping off, and tested the sensor which seemed to be working fine. I stripped the wire housing, too, and the wire within looked OK. After replacing the HES (and alternator belt), the bike ran fine during a quick test ride.


Has anyone seen an HES with wire wrapping like this before? Is wire wrapping between the upper and lower sensors typical?


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Yes, it does look better now because I removed all of that cooked wire. I believe at one point the wire had insulation judging from the non-metalic toast I could separate from the wire. I'm just curious how / why wire was wrapped between the sensors in a way where the wire actually contacted the spinning thingy in the middle. For a novice wrench like me, this was a scarey sight.

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Is wire wrapping between the upper and lower sensors typical?
Absolutely not, the HES wiring is all located behind the mounting plate. It looks like what you are seeing is some kind of foreign object but I can't imagine how it got in there!
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