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Classified posts to help keep your 1150 Running

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Big thanks to this group, especially Dirt Rider for fantastic advice as I kept my 2003 RT running perfectly over the past decade. 


I am about to sell my 2003 R1150RT (new 1250 shiftcam on its way) and had a bunch of very useful parts and accessories I just posted in the classified section.


Among them: complete rear brake assembly, dashboard, accessory mounts, brake switch, suspension bits.



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I've sold many items and reduced/marked many of the items as Free.  Take a look and get some bits for free if you need them.


Free Stuff Below

Dash Panel 


Clutch Bleeder Assembly


Speedo Bulbs (totally free)


Passenger Peg Lowering/Relocation 


Rear Brake Switch


Suspension Bolts and Rear Shock Pre-Load Assembly


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