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Tire NVH???


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I just traded my R1100S for a new R1200RT and am still adjusting to the new bike and new riding style. I've noticed that at speeds below 25 mph I feel a vibration when the bike is leaned into a turn, either right or left. It almost seems like the shoulders of the tire(s) are rough. Has anyone else noticed this and figured it out? The bike came with Dunlops, not really my favorite tire. I don't think a $20K bike should subject me to this type of irritant.......

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I haven't noticed a vibration at low speeds on my 05 RT. I am going for a 250 mile ride on Sunday and will pay attention to see if I notice anything like that.

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See, there is the problem. You bought a $20K bike and it only has c.a. $150 tires on it. Run right back to the dealer and get you some of those $600 tires. That will fix the problem. Meantime, you might want to invest a few bucks in a tire pressure gauge.

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12,000 miles on 05 1200 RT third set of tires,Bridgestones Metzlers and now Michelins, no vibration. What pressure are you running in your tires? I run 38 and 42.

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Les is more

It's been our experience that Dunlops are subjecgt to cupping. Naturally, any tire will wear more evenly with careful attention to pressure but I hated the Dunlops that came on my RT.

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I know what you are referring to with respect to the "vibration". On my R12RT it is (was?) most pronounced when turning while coasting in the 25 MPH range. Tire pressures (Dunlops) well maintained. Just today I had Road Attacks installed. I suspect that it will not vibrate again for a while.

Paul in CA (actually NC now)

'05 R1200RT

'98 XR400R

Other vintage

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