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New Windshield by Ztechnik


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Well I hope to be able to report on the function of my new ZTechnic windshield after tomorrow. I recieved it a couple of days ago but the weather here has been quite 'frosty' the last few days, to the point the puddles are frozen...


But I am anxious to see if it lives up to the propaganda...



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I have had V-Stream on bike for 2 weeks, really like it, no vibration or Turbelance seem to be a whole lot less than stock, with it all the way up i can look through it with no distortion. I highly recommend the V- stream clap.gif

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OK, but how tall is it? The website gives a dimension "from headlight cutout to top". I don't know what that means. I need something 3-4" taller than stock.

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