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Resetting computer?


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I'm new owner, got my R1150RT exactly 10 days and 1000 miles ago. I love the way this bike swallows miles, I use it for commuting every day. It has almost 40K but runs very nice! I already changed oil (so easy!) and battery (it came with dead BMW Gel one)


When I replaced my battery and didn't learn about resetting the computer until I rode the bike a couple of times. I did the reset procedure but it didn't seem to do anything (do you HAVE to do it BEFORE you start the bike for the birst time?). It seems that the bike doesn't idle as smooth as it used to, especially when I start it in the morning, have to hold the throttle for a little while to prevent it from stalling (with the choke in the middle position) Do I have to disconnect the battery again or there is a way to avoid pulling the fairing off by pulling some fuse maybe? Any input is greatly appreciated... Thanks!



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Merely remove and reinstall fuse 5 (double check that by reading the fuse information on the back of the electrical system box cover... you're looking for the Motronic fuse) Then, turn on ignition and kill switch but do not start the engine.


Twist the throttle full open and closed twice. You're done. The Motronic has now relearned the zero and slope for the TPS......go ride.

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