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I am going to put some aux lights on my 1150RT, and I have pretty much decided that I want to put them below the oil cooler. My only concern is does the shock compress so much that the lights will hit the top of the fender? I know a lot of people have them there, and recall hearing that they might scratch your fender, but that was a long time ago, and I have not heard of anyone complaining about it lately. I presently have the stock shocks on the bike, but will be putting some aftermarket shocks on this summer (been checking the classified for used ohlins). Do the aftermarket shocks compress a little less to avoid this problem. I really don't want to scratch up my fender, but my eyes are getting a little older, and better lights are getting to be a must. Any help appreciated, thanks Phil

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The suspension total travel remains the same with aftermarket shocks, so given enough of a jolt, it is still possible for contact to occur.


The potential for contact can be minimized though by using smaller diameter aux. lights, placing them tucked back fairly far and outboard as much as possible.


I've installed lights there on several R11xxRTs and although contact with the fender is possible, it was never enough of a concern to not do it.

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