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Kriss Panther Running and Brake Unit


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Has anyone out there installed the Kriss (kriss.com) Running and Brake light modulator on an R1200RT? I have a unit from my 1100 RT and really liked how it lit up the back of the bike (turn signals on during running and flash during braking). It looks like it should work fine but I am concerned about the link between the brake light and the system test success.

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I suspect, and having not tried that specific one it is only a suspicion, if it didn't cause a bulb out fault on the 1100, it won't on the 1200. Can't hurt to try it. Worst case you'd get a bulb out indicator on the dash and either decided to live with it or take it back out.


I do know the Kisan tailBlazer unit works fine with no faults on the R1200xx series. I have on installed on our R1200GS with no issues.

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