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Garmin Street Pilot i5


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The rain issue is a non. I use a cosmetic clear plastic bag in the rain. What I am looking for is a user with experience

as I am looking at this GPS or the 2610.

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I use a Garmin C320. It's pretty much the big brother of the i5. I think they have the same interface and everything but less memory. So far my C320 works perfect on the bike. I purchased a RAM mount that is made exactly for the 320 (and i'm sure they have one for the i5). Great night visibility, perfect size. I actually prefer the size of the 320 & i5 to the HUGE 2610... As far as waterproof, just cover it with a clear bag when necessary. I would actually recommend you looking into the C320, C330, or the StreetPilot 510 & 550 series also. They all have touch screens. They also have the same Speed/Trip Computer feature as the 2610. I think it's called dashboard or something. I even hacked mine to include an audio out lead in order to plug it into my Autocom. Huge price savings over the 2610 too.


ANOTHER feature of the c550 is the bluetooth & mp3 player. I've honestly been thinking about upgrading to the 550 for these features. When linked to my cell phone, my incoming calls could be displayed on the screen. The series 340, 510, & 550 also say the name of the street ex"Turn Right on Elm Street" instead of "Turn right in 500 feet"

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