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BMW Top Box Breaks - BMW Repari takes a Month


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My large BMW top case which has been on my bike for only about 1800kms lost a rubber insert from one of the tangs that slide into the rack. This lack of the insert (which also acts as a spacer) left the case loose on one side and a screw pulled out inside the case from the other secure tang (presumably from the stress of the case rocking on the back of the bike).


My dealer tells me it will take a month to get the parts from Germany to repair the case. Of course I had a major trip planned in that time frame and now will have to do it without the top case.


Just to be clear the box didn't fall off but it was noticeably loose on one side in the rack.


I have to admit my faith in the quality of the top box is kind of low at the moment.


Has anyone eles experienced problems with the large BMW case?

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Just an update. The dealer called me back and promised to have the case back to me in 7 to 10 days. Apparently they have confirmed that it will not take a month to get from Germany after all.


I also found out that the loose screw is not related to the problem I had. The mechanic tells me it has something to do with replacing the lock cylinder on the case and apparently was just not tighetened down after this was done.


I have to say this put me in a better mood.

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