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Works Performance shock absorbers


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I just got a pair of Works Performance shock absorbers. Not to trash anybody but, while I'm extremely happy with the way the bike handles (it's a whole different bike), still have to let all of you know that I'm not too happy with the Customer Service of the company. I sent them my OEM shock overnight so they could adapt the remote preloader to the new shock. After not hearing from them, I called to see if they had received it. They told me they had not received it. I tracked the shipment and found out that one of their employees had signed for it 4 days ago. Called them, told them so and they replied blush.gif that that (signing for the receive) doesn't mean a thing because they signed for many boxes every day confused.gif. They found it, nevertheless, and sent the order to me.

Later on, I left a message with an enquiry (e-mail and voice mail) with their technical department and they haven't answered yet.

Again, I'm happy with the final product. smile.gif


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