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RAM videocam mount


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I recently took delivery of the RAM videocam mounting system for the 1200RT. The unit mounts on the one of the reserviors (brake or clutch). Installation took about 5 minutes.


I also have the base plate for the ST 1300. That unit attaches to the clamp on the handlebar for the reservior. Both units work as adverstised, and hold my Sony securely, but I will attach a safety line, just to make me feel better.


On both bikes I have to adust the screen to eliminate screen edges from the frame. Not a big deal.


My plan is to make a companion DVD of my cross country tours, to compliment the journal.

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I bought one a little while ago to use on my Goldwing so I wasn't worried about vibration. If it turns out that it vibrates too much for a good picture consider searching some race car equipment sites. I had a mount in my former race car that damped vibration and came with a tether for the camera.



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