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'00 K1200RS hunting at idle. Problem?

Jim Moore

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Hi Guys,


I looked at a '00 K1200RS today. The bike looks great and runs like a champ, one exception. It hunts up and down about 50 rpm at idle. It surprised me, because I've ridden a bunch of k-bikes and never had one do that. I've always found that k-bikes idle perfectly, unlike my R bikes. The bike has a Two Brothers exhaust. Could that be the problem?


Thanks in advance,

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I'll chime in with a firm maybe.


The reason being that I doubt the exhaust system has much to do with things at the flow levels encountered with idle.


One weakness on K-bikes is that they are prone to vacuum leaks and what you describe sounds like exactly that. A minor vacuum leak in one of the four cylinders. It really is no big deal to fix, just time consuming to locate and then there are minor issues in stripping the bike down far enough to gain access to the various vacuum lines and the throttle bodies.


Notorious places are where the throttle body stub manifolds bolt to the head and the clamps used to attatch the throttle bodies. Also, the various vacuum lines located under the air box are subject to quite a bit of heat and they can dry and crack as can the little caps used to plug the unused vacuum ports at each cylinder.

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