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Front shock replacement


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When changing out the front shock, I've heard you need to slide the fuel tank back a few inches to access the top nut. Will you need to disconnect the fuel lines to do this? I don't have the various fuel line clamps, etc, and need to know if these 'parts' need to be on hand for the job. tongue.gif

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Should not need to disconnet fuel line. You only need to move the tanks back a couple of inches to uncover the shock bolt, and you are moving the fuel and vent lines closer together when you move the tank back.


Two cautions: (1)watch the nut on the backside of the tank mount bolt. It can drop into the innards of the machine. (2) When installing the top nut on the shock, be careful not to allow the shock to rotate as you tighten the bolt--can damage the shock.


The less fuel in the tank the easier it is to horse the tank about.

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Is there a trick to keeping the shock from rotating? tongue.gif


There is a hex socket in the top of the strut. Use an allen key in this whilst using the wrench on the securing nut.


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