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Gas tank removal


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Got it from another to leave two front bolts alone - tank just slips off them. The two rear ones need to be taken out, fuel sender disconnected from top side of tank, BUT, just how do these disconnect?




And do the two lines behind need to be disconnected? (Not the best image!)

web page



What spark plugs do you all recommend for replacement?


TIA grin.gif

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Up bright and early working on the K De? grin.gif


You are looking at quick disconnects. Use two hands--one on each side of the connection. Press the silver tab on the side and pull them apart. Don't wiggle them back and forth or you will risk breaking one. Pull them straight back--keep trying, they will come apart with some effort.


I'd also recommend purchasing a spare set of quick disconnects and carry them in your kit with you, along with a couple of fuel injection hose clamps. They will fail eventually and it pays to be prepared.


One other thing, you will spill a little fuel so you might want to wear gloves and protect your eyes.


Before reconnecting the hoses, make sure the little black o-ring on the male side is in good condition, free of nicks and cuts. It should be if this is the first time you've pulled them apart, if not inpsect and replace if needed.

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Paul Mihalka

Additional warning: When you are reconnecting the quick disconnects, while you push them together press in the tab you pushed when you took them apart. If not, you will damage the O-rings and it will leak. DAMHIK

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Good Morning grin.gif


Greg - daughter had a basketball tournament - up before the crack of dawn - no sleeping in even on a Sunday tongue.gif


I'll be going to the dealer to get some extra bolts (lost one out of the bottom of the cowl confused.gif)screws/filter/plugs - is this gonna be a big tab crazy.gif and will now add a couple disconnects/hose clamps - gee whiz smirk.gif


Thanks for the tips Greg and Paul - home for rest of day, raining, guess there's nothing to do but .... pull a gas tank!

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Well, that was easier than expected, tank is off clap.gif





Even got mounts made up for the light install thumbsup.gif


Thanks again for the posts, good night - all that work's made for a good nights rest tongue.gif


If anyone in the area wants to see bike taken apart to this point - it'll most likely be this way till next weekend - let me know wave.gif

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