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Why is this not made known (in advance)


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I just bought and installed the Roady II Holder with the offset for the right hand side, on top of the brake reservoir.

When I sat on the R1150RT I noticed that the Roady II now completely obscures the Gas Gauge, Clock and Gear Indicator. I believe even without the offset the Roady II would obscure the displays.


Surely I am not the only one noticing this and being disappointed. Anyhow, by way of this rant, I recommend against the holder from Cycle Gadget:

"CS-RDYRS-R Qty Ordered:(1) @ $33.95 Qty In Stock:(1)

roady-HOLD-r, BMW Brake Reservoir version, Offset"


Or, am I missing something?? If you have installed one (with or without the offset), would you let me know if you agree with my experience, please.



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I don't have a reservoir mount, but I own a lot of RAM stuff. You might want to try a different RAM arm--they come in 3 different lengths.


Personally, I could care less about the clock and gear indicator. I do like to keep my eye on the gage, but the trip odometer works nearly as well

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I bought the same Roady mount that you have and returned it to Cycle Gadgets for essentially the same reason, plus it bumped into my RCU shelf on a full left turn maneuvering the bike around in the garage. My solution was to exchange it for a RAM system with 3" arm mounted to one of the four bolts on the left handlebar riser. If you'd like to see a photo of my set up, please PM me. Also, if you have a tank bag, you can mount the magnetic base of the Roady antenna to a piece of sheet metal under the uppermost layer of fabric on your tank bag. Someone on this forum suggested this way to mount the antenna and it works great for me also. BTW, Cycle Gadgets is very good about exchanging stuff w/o charging a "re-stock fee." smile.gif

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Hi Jurgen,


When I first installed my Roady I ordered several mounts from Cycle Gadgets, telling them I wished to try them all and see which worked best on my RT, then return the others. I saw the same problem you describe and ended up using the RAM ball mount that attaches to one of the handlebar screws just off center to the left. My Roady is low enough to not block the indicator lights, but with a large tank bag in place the Roady was mostly blocked from my view. However at that time I sold my tank bag and have been fine without it ever since. I think a small Big Mak bag might work if I ever feel the need for one.


I also have the offset ball mount over the clutch (left) reservoir, which I use for the CB radio or FRS radio. Those are tall and narrow so they work without interfering or blocking anything (for the most part). The Roady, being short and wide, didn't work for my RT on the left reservoir mount.


PM me if you want a photo.

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Thanks guys,

I feel a little better now. Thought it was just me paying a lot of attention to the fourfold information display on the right hand side (clock, gas gauge, Oil temp and gear indicator).

Returning it to Cycle Gadget is a bit of a bear as I had to pay duties and would have to pay duty again for whatever I replace the bracket with. So I jot this one up to experience and maybe get Buddy to change it for me, by taking of the offset mount and reweld it to the right, it might work.

I already have my GPS mounted on a 31/2 inch RAM extension on one of the four Allen screws of the handlebar mount. Being a 2620, I have similar problems, it obscures the left side of the speedometer, so I find myself exceeding the speed limit all the time, to keep the needle visible on the right side of the display grin.gif.

To boot, the RCU shelf I bought, doesn't allow me to place the 2620 on it, since the windshield starts hitting it in the lower position crazy.gif


I am not really a baseball fan but isn't it '3 strikes and yourrrre out'!?




p.s. watch for these items to pop up in the Classified Section soon. thumbsup.gif

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r.a.m. mount system here for me too. The ball-socket mounting system allows one to position it anywhere you prefer. No pre-determined positioning involved.


Super awsome system for mounting anything in the world to your bike.


highly recommend.

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In my case, the Roady mount blocks my view of the right side mirror. It would be a deal killer, except for the fact that I have GS mirrors, and they are the ones I really use.

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