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Tupperware Problem


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I finished resynching the T.B's and am trying to put the side panels back on, my problem is that the screw holes don't line up to the center cover on the tank...

I pulled the side panel back off and the center cover holes don't even line up with the threaded holes on the tank. It's like that center panel warped. I had a fan on the whole time and the temp guage never got over 6 bars on the RID.

Anyone have any suggestions on how I can get everything to line up again, I don't want to try and force it and end up cross threading the screws or stripping them out..


Any suggestions are appreciated.

Dave crazy.gif

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Ghost Dad,


No possibility of warping the center (over tank) tupperware; it's pretty much out of the line of fire and heat. Most (all ?) tupperware screws thread into a copper colored clip that's attached to the plastic. Perhaps with side piece off, you could use a metal dowel (four penny nail ?) to center the female threads.

Frankly, I don't know if these threaded clips apply to the center panel over tank so if you try this, please go gently and don't poke holes in gas tank !




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The screws that go into the tank actually go into threaded plastic which IS part of the tank. Be sure to use only the SHORT screws here!


As far as lining them up, I've found that it's easiest to do those FIRST, as the have the least amount of play to work with. Put the tank tupperware screws in finger tight, then install the rest of them - tighten them all up once they're all in place.




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I got everything back together now. The only way I could get the center piece to line up was to warm it up with a hair dryer then put the 3 screws on each side in with out the side panels on and let it cool down again. When I took the screws back out everything stayed perfectly lined up and the side panels went on without a problem.

Not sure why it got soo out of whack, but a little heat and things went back into place. Next time I take the tupperware off I will put the tanks screws back in place as soon as I pull the panel off to make sure things stay lined up...

The good news is that it's all back together and is running great, virtually no surging now. I guess a careful synch does solve that issue...

Thanks for all your help.

Dave clap.gif

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Glad to hear you're good to go; and sorry for the Miss Information about those top/tank tupper ware holes/threads.


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