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R1200RT Alternative TOP BOX?? SOFT TYPE


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I have not really ever found myself needing a large top-box.


Being ex-Army, I have a very good packing regime, and having a great wife, Kathy really knows what she can take, so we normally have a pannier each.


On the R1150RT, I blagged a top box, but only used it around 8 times over 4 yrs.


So when we got our new R1200RT, the small top box looked ideal, however, when I turned up at the dealers, with a rucksack full of clothes, I was not impressed with what it would hold. For that price I wanted it to be right..


I was at Pidcock's BMW, Nottingham today, to get a front mudguard extension, on the way out I noticed a holdall.


Upon further investigation it was a sports soft bag 71607694117 for a K1200R. Well I stuck it on a new R1200RT in the showroom, and it fitted a treat.

It hooks over the very tail end of the rack, and attaches via straps to the back rack. There are 3 different length straps, and 4 of each. A large zip opening, with a waterproof/drawcorded cover under the main flap. A small pocket on the top, and two side pockets.

In the pic it is stuffed full, to show it's size, two year warranty as well..

Oh and it costs £98.01


The things I like about is, very light, quick to whip off, and when it not totally full it has a very low profile thumbsup.gif





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