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Kerry in Mpls

2016 R1200GS wheel related torques

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Kerry in Mpls

I'm removing the wheels of my 2016 R1200GSW to get new tires mounted.
I've done this many times on my 2006 R1200RT, but I don't have a manual for the GS and before I start I want to verify torque values for the '16 GS.
Can someone tell me the torque specs for:
- Rear wheel bolts
- Front axle pinch bolts
- Front brake caliper bolts
- Front wheel axle
And I see a couple of differences from my 2006 RT:
The RT has only one axle pinch bolt, on the right fork; the GS has one on each fork. No problem, just an observation.
The GS also has what looks like a bolt head on the left end of the front axle. See pic below.

What is this? Does it need to be removed before removing the axle?

is removing the axle as simple as it is on my RT - just spin it out the right side?

What is the removal / replacement order and torque spec for the "bolt" and axle?


Thanks much.


'06 RT left fork/axle:



'16 GS left fork/axle:



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Kerry in Mpls

Well shoot, see this is what happens.

You ask a very detailed question, with photos and all, convinced that the answers couldn't be in the rider's manual.

And then 10 minutes later you look in the rider's manual for the heck of it, and and find all info is there. Doh!


Here it is:

Rear wheel bolts: 60 Nm
- Front axle pinch bolts: 19 Nm
- Front brake caliper bolts: 38 Nm
- Front wheel axle - the axle doesn't have a torque spec because the bolt on the other end holds it in.

- Bolt on left side of axle: 30 Nm

Front part removal sequence - remove bolt on left side, which enables quick-release axle to be removed from right side.

Remove wheel.

Remove spacer from left side of wheel.

Reverse order to replace.


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Could happen to anyone!

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