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anyone with experience using Diablo Strada


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Ryan just got his Ducati 996. Now we need some street tires. We bought the bike with almost new tires, but the duc shop has stated the tires are track only and would not recommend them for street use.


currently I like the conti attack, but probably to touring for ryan


the BT020 rear and BT014 front is getting good reviews


the Duc shop is recommending Pilot Powers. I am worried about that soft a tire in the California heat.


the duc board suggested the Diablo Strada. I have not used these, or really read anything about them.


Ryan's favorite tire was the old sportec M1. But for everyday use in California heat they would probably last about 2,000 miles max


ideally Ryan would like good grip, decent wet weather grip, and hopefully 5k on the rear and 7k on the front.


anyone ride ducati's with some suggestions please let me know

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I'm currently on my second set with a third lying in waiting in my closet.


They are quite similiar to the MEZ6 as Pirelli is the sister company to Metzler. I actually think they are little grippier than the 6's, but I never actually rode with the 6's on my ST2. The 6's I had were on the R11RS.


I give them a big thumbs up as I have gotten 7k on the first set.


My only question is whether they have enough grip for a superbike. You may wanna take a look at the regular Diablo's.

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I'm looking for tires for my S and a lot of fellow S riders are suggesting the Stradas. They say very good things about them.

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Chadhargis ran them on his FJR and liked em. He since put a set on his Ulysses. Good stick and good life he claims. They had a buy the rear get the front free promo, so I've got a pair in the garage to try out.


Pilot Road's were/are my favs, we'll see how these go.

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