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Hannagan Meadows Lodge AZ

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1 hour ago, AZgman said:

It gets cold up there, so after April would be best to avoid snow on the road. I certainly would be willing to help organize an event.

Yeah the last time I was at the event, it was in late fall and it snowed.  Roads were clear but I believe some folks left early just in case it got worse.  However, no one had serious issues with the weather that I can remember.


I think one of the great features of Hannagan Meadows is that there is a nice fireplace,  bar and restaurant on site !!!  That's a real plus.


But .... you could find that the cabins may have non humans  sharing residency.  Main lodge is very nice.

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We could do it in early fall?..or late Spring?


Like Chris said Hannagan’s is more like a hunting lodge turned into a hotel with cabins added all set in a forest of tall pines. The private dining/bar area is nice and the seating area with the fire place goes well with a nice Scotch. 











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I like the Fall idea.  Last time, which was some years ago, the mice took over  the cabins and some got up n left.  Have no idea why...  :rofl: 

There is the Silver City, NM ride but it doesn't have near the ambiance of the Hannagan's Meadows lodge.  Roads in the area are great to ride and the Gila National Forest  is just a short jaunt.

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