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Owners: How is your 1250RT or GS Doing


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Some riders of the 1250 GS have reported weird noises coming out of the engine to which the Beemer shop appears to fix right away with the "they all do that" treatment. It works everytime at Corp.

The guys with RT are reporting a exaggerated vibration during acceleration. Some claim it went away after miles, others not.

Then, you have the BMW apostles who claim 'it ain't so because BMW is the Immaculate Corporate Manufacturer...sort like the Mother of Jesus.

I am waiting and see what owners keep reporting.

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Do you know where the vibrations are being felt?  At the grips. pegs, seat?  Are there Ilium Works engine guards involved?  I have seen a thread on another forum about those guards on 1200 wethead motors, but no mention of the Shift Cam engines.


I have not noticed any vibtations to speak of, but I shall try to pay more attention.  


The only weird noise that I can attest to is the whistling of the intake as the RPMs hit that 4000 RPM mark and above.  I usually ride with foam ear plugs in and one day I did a short ride without them and (no audio playing) I heard the air intake howling, which resembles a supercharger in action.  Not quite the same, but you get the idea.    It is sort of like a whistling that sounds like the letter Z is being pronounced.  I have read about that noise and never really knew what it sounded like until I rode with out the ear plugs.  Pretty cool, actually.


I will report back if I notice anything out of the ordinary.  If memory serves me correctly, I have under 4800 miles on it and ride daily (unless the C is in its rotation for the week.)



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