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Favor to Ask in Jax, FL

Jim Moore

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I have a huge favor to ask. I test-rode a K1200RS today. I like the bike, but it seemed to make a funny rattling noise that varied with RPM. I don't know what it was, it sounded a little bit like a loose exhaust bolt would sound. The problem is that I don't really don't know if that sound is normal, or if there is something wrong.


With that in mind, I would love to take a quick spin on someone's K1200RS in the Jax, FL area this weekend, either Saturday afternoon or Sunday any time. A quick trip up and down the block would be plenty of time for me to see if the bike is making the same sound. I'd be happy to buy you lunch in exchange for two minutes on your bike. I could also teach you how to change tires if you are interested in learning how to do that.


I realize it is a huge favor to ask, but I would really appreciate it.

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From your description I would say the bike was pinging - often described as like a ball-bearing in a can sound.


Andy thumbsup.gif

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Jim, as Boffin relates, detonation may be present. It's not a widespread problem with most K-bikes, but if present it MAY point to significant and unwanted problems - Ask Laney about carbon buildup.


If you can isolate it to detonation, you might check whether that bike was subject to, and then had the ECU recall handled.


I also have heard a rattling sound from a "stuck" cam chain tensioner. Bikes not ridden for a while develop and then "correct" that. Chronic chain rattle of course calls for replacement of the tensioner.


Best of luck with what you find, Ace.

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Thanks for the info, guys. I'm pretty sure it is not pinging. I am very familiar with that particular sound from my GS. More than anything it sounds like the noise from loose exhaust nut that we found on a friend's K1100LT, but it may just be a sound common the K1200RS.


In any event, I'm going to test-ride Roadscholar's bike this weekend to see if his bike makes the same noise.


Thanks again,

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Jim, the K12RS has a rep for getting a distinct vibration about 5k rpm, and it has often been traced to the exhaust manifold. You may very well already be on the right track. thumbsup.gif



Otherwise, the first time a friend - who is a mechanic - listened to my K12 at idle, he announced - "Sounds like you threw a ROD!" eek.gif I insisted that's how they sound, it's the input shaft bearing. Well, he was skeptical... until I pulled the clutch a few times, and the sound came and went as the throwout bearing got loaded and unloaded! cool.gif

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