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John Ranalletta

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John Ranalletta

On a recent car trip to Des Moines, I started two podcast series, Michael Lewis' "Against the Rules" and Malcolm Gladwell's "Revistionist History" (http://revisionisthistory.com/).  Spellbinding material.


Lewis' series lays out what happens when the world's referees and judges become compromised.


Did you know the fellows who dumped tea into Boston harbor weren't so much patriots as smugglers.  As Gladwell and guests lay it out, anything imported to the Colonies had to go through England; thus, Indian tea was very expensive.  The "patriots" ran a tea smuggling ring, providing tea to colonists at a much reduced price.  The British countered by drastically reducing tea prices to compete with smuggled tea which led the patriot-smugglers to dump a load of legally-imported tea.  So, it seems, the gesture wasn't so much a remonstrance against taxes but protecting their illicit tea smuggling business.  Who knew?




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