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Nolan N42 vs Aira Classic SZ/c


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I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the above helmets. J&M audio offers both of these helmets with their integrated headsets. I am interested in one of the helmet headset combo's along with the new integratr IV system. I have searched extensively and have not found any info on the Nolan N42. The difference in price is over $200.00 between the N42 and Aira. I know that Aira has a good rep but $200.00 worth? I am particularly interested in wind noise. I know it's a shot in the dark but if anyone has any info please share. I have also searched this site for a thread but no luck. Thanks. Harry


BTW- I called Sierra motorcycle audio and they offer the AIra integrated headset. The woman that I talked to said that she could not sell me the helmet combo unless I had official documentation that I was personally fitted for the helmet at a show, dealer, etc. She said that it was Aira's policy. I know they want to decrease returns, but that seems a little ridiculous to me but thier price is $60.00 less.

Here's a link to what I'm talking about. http://www.jmcorp.com/

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Paul Mihalka

I have a Nolan N100 flip-up for the cool season and a Arai SZ for the rest of the year. The Arai SZ is BY FAR the quietest helmet I ever ever used. It is the only one I can regularly use without earplugs. The quick face shield exchange without tools and without extra pieces to remove is a plus.

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