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1150rt 6000 mikes service


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It entails some reading, a few wrenches, an oil catch pan, some Redline Heavy Shockproof and gear oil. You may need to change the air filter depending.


Its NOT that hard!


I've been doing my own maint. since about 6k (or was it 12k? I don't remember.) I got quoted somewhere north of $600 for that service and decided that I could buy LOTS of stuff for the bike for that $600!


The only things that are 'hard' are the brakes and the fuel filter. The only reason the fuel filter's a PITA is that its inside the tank.





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My 1150rt is due for its 6000 service what does this entale and how much should I pay.





If you are handy, have adequate tools, the BMW CD for your model is very helpful with drawings, diagrams and text to help you through any maintenance you will every perform on your BMW.


Also Clymer and others publish excellent manuals for your model. The BMW boxer is so easy to wrench........try it yourself......you can't do much harm to BMW if you get it wrong. Also, solicit help from a friend who is tool/engine savvy. Between the two of you, it will be simple.

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I just had mine done on a 04 RT at BMW Motorcycles of Louisville (KY) and it cost $175. They check the valve adjustment, synch the throttle bodies, change engine oil and filter, check the computer for any faults, and a few other minor things. I figured I'd just have them do it so there wouldn't be any arguements (or at least less arguments) if I ever needed to make use of my factory warranty.

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