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RE: Perfect new business


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Saw this today in Houston....all they need to add is beer and bait and it would be the perfect business.

Ideal Business.jpg

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2 hours ago, elkroeger said:

Jeez.  I wanted to open a drive-in movie / RV park.  I'm an idiot!

Yes you are. Because you left out the best part - should be a drive in movie rv park and shooting range. Maybe skeet or trap...

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At first glance I thought that said "Motorcycles - Fireworks", and thought great, they figured out a way to be even louder!

I was relieved to see Firearms after putting on my glasses.


We live in a rural area, and the 4th of July noise got ridiculous. Every moron who could figure out how to strike a match had some of the big stuff.

Last display ended at 1:00 a.m. on the 8th. 

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