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Fall Maine Trip

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Since I retired we are into pleasure travel. We have taken a number of trips together and apart (my SO is not a motorcycle enthusiast)so some plane, cage, and RT. In mid-September we are flying to Boston then rental car to Bar Harbor/Acadia ME for a week of New England Lobsterfest etc.

Oceanfront cottage rented, lighthouse sights scoped out, but any suggestions restaurant or must see “ world’s biggest ball of twine”  

or scenic drives much appreciated.  Look out cholesterol count!!!! TIA

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I grew up in Maine.  While Acadia is a beautiful place there is so much more to Maine than the coast. Having said that and since you are on the coast a trip to West Quoddy Head Lighthouse  the easternmost point in the U.S. is nice.  I can think of more things but it depends on how far you want to go on a day trip.  Where are you staying?  Are you interested in History? Let me know and I will throw some things out there

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Staying in Sargentville by Deer Island. We have a rental car and no real plans but have no passports so US only. 

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Here are a few off the top of my head

Maine Maritime Museum  You will pass right by  Bath Iron Works on the way there. 

The Maine State Museum in Augusta  The State Capital is right next door.  If you go to Augusta you can also visit Hallowell 2 miles south they have  The museum in the streets walking tour.  If you go to Hallowell the place to eat is The Liberal Cup

Lots of small coastal towns to look around, Castine is nice.  For scenery drive up toward Millinocket you can get nice  views of Mt Kathadin    Very good chance of seeing moose up that way too.  If you head north on US1  you can see places like Wild Blueberry Land 


There is the Maine Solar System Model Quite unique  sort of that ball of string or house of mud thing.



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I just spend a couple of days in Bangor, ME and at a wedding in Millinocket, ME.  Mostly 2 lane roads with trees along both sides - not much to see.   My daughter and son-in-law have a place in Portland, ME and after a week of exploring this charming waterfront town, I would highly recommend a stop here!   Great small restaurants, lobster rolls, and many great ice cream and bakery shops.   


We took a 4 hour "mail boat run" on the Casco Bay Lines that stopped to unload cargo and mail at 4 of the off shore islands.  The trip was a lot of fun and is only $16 round trip for adults.   :18:

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Here are a few more ideas to think about. 

Archers Restaurant in Rockland  Archers on the Pier

East Boothbay Lobstermans Wharf  Lobstermans Wharf

The view from Mt Battie in Camden is quite nice  Mt Battie/Camden Hills State Park

You can drive up or hike if you are so inclined

The Maine State Prison Showroom in Thomaston, lots of quality prison made crafts  the Neptune biker with the mermaid is quite cool  Prison Showroom

Seadog Brewing in Camden  Seadog Brewing



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We will be in a cottage at Stonington (also Deere Isle) mid September also.   Been going there 20 years.

I highly recommend the Harbor Cafe in center of Stonington it is locals favorite, Dinner type but FRESH seafood oriented....  anti fancy .... close to  where you are staying.

When you go to Bar Harbor (Acadia National Park)  make sure you hit Jordan Pond House Restaurant.  It is a landmark for over 50 years,  Best lobster stew and fresh popovers.  Gorgeous setting      Google it.    We've been go there since we were first married.


Take the drive all around Acadia....well worth it....or you can take one of the bus rides they offer  hop on hop off anywhere in the park. go to the top of Cadillac Mountain if the weather is clear.   Take the Sand Beach walk to Otter Point ..outstanding.  3 miles round trip of 1/1/2 if you use the Park hop on hop off buses.


Seal Cove Auto museum...much smaller than Owls Head but very good and closer to Acadia


You'll have no problem filling up your week.


Don't waste too much time in down town Bar Harbor, especially if a big tour boat is in the harbor.  It will be very busy...even in September.



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