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Can someone please tell me how to turn the tickover up on an 05 1200 rt ?


Well I can't help technically but, since I once ate bangers and mash in Chippenham one evening, I'll attempt to translate to West Pond English. I believe you're asking about increasing the idle speed. Correct? smirk.gif

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I also cannot answer, but my idle speed is about 1100, which is what is recommended. Is yours running much lower than that?


I can check the repair manual if you need me to. PM me and I can send you something tonight.

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It's not much it's low (1050rpm) but is very lumpy and shaking much more than mormal. it's done 20'000 miles so it not a run in thing. I have checked the manual does not say a thing. Just wanted to raise the tickover a bit to see if it would sort it out.

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Have you checked your plugs?

Idle speed and balance, by my limited understanding, is pretty much handled by the bypass air stepper motors. Could lumpy idle be a plug issue?



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