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R9T R75/5 homage

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Missouri Bob

I don't know. Other than pin-stripes, it's an R nineT Pure with the Pure's optional wire-spoke wheels. Had BMW really wanted to build a /5 homage, they could have done much better.


1. No BMW should should leave the factory without a center-stand, particularly not one intended to emulate a /5.

2. How about a tachometer? Yes, there is an accessory tach, but it would look better with a speedometer and tachometer integrated into the headlamp shell, as on a /5.

3. Why is there so much air between the rear tire and the fender? It's not a dirt bike with twelve inches of suspension travel.

4. Speaking of fenders, those on a /5 were designed to keep water off of the rider. I can't say the same about the R nineT's fenders.

5. More leg room. At least provide the option of moving the pegs lower and farther forward.

6. That tank. Would a chrome-sided toaster be too much to ask? Yeah, I thought so.



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still want to see a R9T done up like the old eighties RT, the full fairing without radio and such that Simple good protection without all the gadgetry

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I  never had a /5 but I did have a /6 and a /7 and I really dig this styling exercise.  I'm on my last bike but if not I would like to have this on of the various r9Ts.  I got to ride an original last year and really enjoyed the lightness of the bike, the sound, etc.  Pretty neat I'd say.

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