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Fellow bikers the time is getting close for me to guest in your country for a couple of years with my R1200RT. What I am looking for is advice on best way to insure, roadside assitance etc. Wondered if you could give me ideas on what I would best need and the companies who serve you well,more so all states rather than isolated. Thank you in anticipation

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For insurance you will get a lot of answers, but I'll throw one out there - Dairyland Insurance.


But it really depends on what state you are going to be residing in. Not all companies write in all states. So your first question will be to establish were your "home base" is going to be. (Once written your insurance is good in other states however.)


ISFA roadside assistance, a lot of people seem to like the KOA Plan.

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Try these guys. I seem to recall that they specialize in temp. U.S. coverage for bikes. I think they have roadside assistance as well.


Let us know how it goes.

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Thanks Ken I have seen them on web. David thats good to know was going to use them for shipping over there, been told very reliable and helpful.I can confirm then that a full comprehensive insurance including medical assistance is recommended and roadside assistance invaluable.


As for area I am living.It will be the whole of the USA!!! Have tent, sleeping bag, stove and my Lola (bike). Lots of lovely people already making contact and I can't wait to tour the best country in the world thumbsup.gif

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Sounds like a great trip, Glenn. Make sure you take advantage of the people on this DB - you'll be pleasantly surprised by the hospitality available here.


Ride safe.

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