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Gearing Up for Dakar 2019 in Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS Boots

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As I got set to compete in the 10-stage, 3,000-mile Dakar Rally (Dakar.com) back in January, I knew selecting the right equipment for the job is important. Getting 100 miles into the race and realizing that your boots are anything but perfectly dialed-in makes for a long 10 days in the dunes.


I’ve put at least 10,000 miles on my previous pair of Sidis—the Crossfire 2 SRS, including last January’s 12-stage, 4,000-mile Africa Eco Race (AfricaRace.com). They were everything I needed: comfortable, protective and indestructible with the only thing I’ve replaced after all those miles being the SRS sole.

The measure of comfort in your boots gets put to the test during these long rallies. You’re often on your bike and in your boots for 10–12 hours or more every day for two straight weeks. Hot spots and small inconsistencies in boot fit and function get magnified 100 times during these multi-stage endurance events.

Like trusty, well-worn and perfectly fitting ski boots, I was a little hesitant to hop out of my old Crossfire 2s and upgrade to Sidis latest version. Ultimately, it was the prospect of new technology and enhanced safety features that got me to take the leap of faith.

My favorite aspect of Sidis latest edition of the Crossfire SRS series? They’re good to go right out of the box. Fine tune the micro adjustable buckles as you’re getting ready to roll, maybe a tweak or two on the first ride—then never touch them again. Sure, they’re ultimately adjustable in myriad ways, but for me they were good to go with minimal adjustments outside of dialing in the buckles.

The 3s are updated with a new replaceable “Hyper Extension Block” which protects your Achilles tendon from overextending in an impact. This is a handy feature which you don’t know you need until you need it.

Many of the parts are replaceable, especially in places where they’re prone to wear. Nice when you’re spending real money on boots, as these premium boots aren’t cheap.

I’ve grown to really like the “enduro sole” add-on to this boot. I spend a ton of time training in southern Utah, where hopping off the bike and scrambling over sandstone and big rock features to catch the epic views is just part of the fun. While the chunky enduro sole takes a little getting used to when sliding your feet around on the pegs, I’ve come to appreciate the practical aspects of being able to move around off the bike without feeling like I have slick-soled ski boots on my feet. One of the best updates on the 3s was to trim the enduro sole on the heel and toe to prevent unwanted peg snags.

SidiCrossfire3 NathanInDakar900BODY

At approximately $600, the Crossfire 3s aren’t cheap. If you ride just a weekend or two a year, maybe these boots aren’t for you. But for any serious enthusiast whose plans include logging many days and miles getting dirty, happy and safe feet are worth their weight in gold.

MSRP: ~$500$595



  • Built like a tank
  • Hyper extension block adds extra security
  • Tapered toe and heel don’t snag pegs and shifters as much
  • Many parts upgradeable


  • Not cheap
  • Only middle of sole is replaceable

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