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V1Radar Setup on a 1150RT


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Would all you V1 users please tell me of your mounting systems on the 1150RT. Pictures and links would be nice.

Thanks for your help!

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I run mine inside my Big Mak tankbag, along with my Autocom. My XM radio and the V-1's visual remote are mounted on a bracket at the front of the tankbag.


Story here.

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An RCU shelf also works well and puts the V1 in a perfect orientation for both signal reception and visibility for the operator.


Regardless of mounting location, I would recommend an audible alert or some type of HUD for any type radar detector. In order for a detector to be really effective the operator must receive instant notification of an alert. Standard detector visual displays just aren't adequate in my experience.

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I also have mine mounted on the RCU shelf inside a Hoon Hardware MotoLocker Radar Box. I used industrial strenghth Velcro to fasten the box to the top of the shelf and the V1 inside the box. I have the remote audio unit mounted underneath the shelf to keep it out of the weather. They are both easily removed for when I leave the bike unattended and not covered. The unit is hard wired to the bike. I drilled a small hole in the center of the upper dash and put a rubber grommet in it to run the power cord and the sound cord that comes back for my headphones.




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This is Dashboard Version 3.0.

1.0 was an RCU shelf with Velcro and RAM mounts.

2.0 was BMR Co-Pilot shelf.

2.0.1 I returned to the RCU setup from 1.0.

Now on 3.0, and not *quite* happy with it yet, but we're getting closer.


But, so far what I've got for Radar mounting on my v3.0 dash:

GadgetGuy bracket on the dash, with Garmin quick-release mounting system bolted to the bottom of the Hoon Hardware RadarBox. with the audio remote attached to the bottom. Comes off the bike in about 15 seconds.


(Each small picture is a clickable link to a larger version)


Dash-sm.jpg DashMount-sm.jpg V1Box-sm.jpg V1BoxBottom-sm.jpg


Hope these help!


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