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*Chrisolson - I signed up recently for Member Assistance.   I might just be slow, however, I don't see a forum, tab, or way for a member to know where to post their need for roadside or other type of assistance while on a trip.  I think it should be on the main BMWSportTouring Banner and maybe even light up with a "red" color when someone is actively looking for help.  I searched for "Rider needs assistance" and "Rider needs help"  with no good response.    

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If I remember on the old board you just posted in one of the regular forums and later there was an attempt to separate out a unique place for "Help" posts.  I'm not convinced that it ever worked well.  Posting for help in any of the other more regularly visited forums always seemed to generate more response.


However I'll pass it back to the rest of management and we'll see what happens.

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