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You guys ever buy any of that stuff marketed "AS SEEN ON TV!"?

No-stick cookware, pajama jeans, flex tape,  star shower, atomic beam, blue blockers....  I guess you could go old-school, and include the salad shooter, Ginsu knives, the pocket fisherman (or any of that endless Ron Popeil junk...).  Remember the Jack Lelanne Power Juicer?


I'll admit to buying one of those "miracle" expanding garden hoses for the RV.  Light and super small, perfect for the road trip.  It's still going, with infrequent use.  On the other hand, somebody bought one at work, and it lasted about a month.


What did you buy, and how did it fare?



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Joe Coastie

My wife purchased a ginsu knife at the Pa Sportsman's Show in 1975 after we got out of the Navy. Sucker is still sharp.

She uses for just about everything.

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