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Non-Ethanol Tests


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Just wanted to share this good result with the group, although it is just a sample of two.


 I sent an inquiry to the department in my state that measures and tests the quality of gasoline at all retail stations. Based on the inquiry, the manager scheduled both stations that were mentioned for testing.


Both of the stations I use regularly for non-ethanol gas tested with an ethanol content of zero %. And the octane content was also better than posted on the pump. One station selling 93 octane gas was tested at 93.8 octane. The other, selling 89 octane gas was tested as 90.6 octane.  So, my Oilhead RT could be filled at the 89 pump all the time without concerns.


 The department manager also informed me that all of the gasoline is refined and distributed ethanol free. It is only at the final delivery leg, when the tanker truck is filled at the rack when ethanol is added to the delivery for the station selling E-10 gas, or whatever other grade it is.

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