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BMW top case mounting & compatability?


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Hi all,


I've had an oilhead, a '99 R1100R for the last couple seasons. It has the BMW factory system side cases, but I've been wanting to add a top case that would 1) add additional luggage capacity when needed, and 2) provide a backrest for when I occasionally carry a passenger...  My bike has no rear rack on it now (just the grab handle), but I just bought a used original BMW rear luggage rack off ebay that should (I hope!) be a perfect fit for my bike and replace the grab handle.  The rack is BMW part number 71 60 7 682 317.   Once I receive the rack and get it installed next step would be to get a top box.... I could just buy a Givi or something and mount their plate on the rear rack, but I like the idea of keeping it factory looking, so would prefer to find a used BMW top case.  (e.g. a 33L about the same vintage of the bike, if I could find one!)


1)  From the appearance of the rack I bought, it looks like a BMW top case should mount directly onto it, with no additional quick release plate needed (see pict). Is this true? 

2)  How compatible is the mounting system of BMW top cases from different years? I guess (?) a top case from an 1100RT should (?) fit, but is there a particular range of years that would be compatible?  How about an 1150RT top case? Or did they change the mount?  I guess Q boils down to what BMW top cases would be compatible with BMW rear racks of the 1100 vintage?  I tried to find the compatibility based on the part number of the rack, but no luck.


Thanks for any input!   My bike just turned 100K km, so I figure it should have a bit more life left in it, so I might as well accessorize it to my taste!

R1100R rear rack.bmp

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BMW never offered a hard topcase for the R1100R.

they offered a pretty big softcase only. 

The sub-frame wasn't rated for what people drag around in a full size topcase plus having a passenger leaning on it. 


You can do the Givi etc and honestly, I don't know if they do a full rack with brackets or what. 


I guess you could use the small bmw topcase and hard mount it to the bmw rack .


but you'll probably want the newer version as the old F650GS case uses a single cut key like the old K bikes. 


The newer one Has a silver plate on the front and even though it may have a sidecut lock cylinder, you can replace it without disassembly and use the earlier double cut cylinder. 

I can assist in this with lock removed videos I have on YouTube. 

The older style has a center mount lock with a cantelever latch system. 


Feel free to contact me before you spend any more money. 





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On 5/5/2019 at 12:33 AM, Tri750 said:

Feel free to contact me before you spend any more money. 




Thanks for the response and input, but too late... I already spent some more money... :)  I ordered a mid-sized Shad box to mount on the rack...  I don't think weight will be an issue, I won't be 2 up touring... it will be used (empty) as a backrest for short 2 up rides (rarely).  Or I'll use it for my rain gear when I'm on longer solo rides (more common). I will likely not usually have it on the bike around town, unless I start to enjoy having it for helmet storage (?).


Thanks again...

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