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A foray into Wales


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Just got back from a few days in the West, staying near Hereford and using it as a base to satisfy my wanderlust combined with interest in history.

As usual, I took "a few snaps" although these were all taken on my I phone as I didn't take a camera.


Places visited included:



Symonds Yat


Hereford Cathedral



White Castle

Chepstow Castle

Raglan Castle


Tintern Abbey


And numerous other places too.


Photos of the ambulance were taken at Symonds Yat rock where a female climber had got injured - two fire engines and a chopper also attended.


The weather was fantastic too.


Oh......and I also went by car, arriving in one and going home in another - all part of the plan as I'd seen a car I wanted to look at to replace my current runaround.










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2 hours ago, TEWKS said:

Nice pics, Steve!  :thumbsup: Love the modern architecture. ;) :grin:


Thanks .......is that “modern” by the measure of this forum then😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Nice.   Laura an I are booked in june for an International Cruiser Treffen (Chromeheads.org) in llandrindod Wells, although I cannot ride my C, we will be on a hired R1250RT (not a bad substitute!)


Really looking forward to seeing more of Wales.  Laura's Aunt, Uncle, and cousin reside in villages near Liverpool and we did a day trip to North Wales a few years back.


Thanks for posting.  I hope to add my own pics in the photo gallery.




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