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Cortech tankbag to BMW mount


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I thought this project may be helpful to others out there I'm sure other people have done similar and not saying this is the only way to achieve this result.

I got a stock BMW tankbag with my used '09 1200RT, the map case was yellowed, and the main ziper broke.  I like the BMW mount and thought maybe I could put a different bag on it.  I stopped at a motorcycle shop looking for possible units.  I found a Cortech 12L marked down to $50 because it had no harness straps.  I know it's not huge like the BMW bag, but I have top box and panniers.  I wasn't looking for a large amount of storage, just a handy place to keep frequently used things.



Bingo.  It sat on the stock mount pretty good.  I cut all the buckles off the bag. I made a pattern of the floor of the bag out of poster board.  When I was happy with that pattern I transferred it to some black plastic sheet.






I heated the sheet and formed it to the curve of the stock mount.  I drilled holes, attaching the plastic to base working from one end to the other.




Next I removed the plastic, placed it in the bottom of the tank bag and used an awl to poke through the tankbag and the plastic sheet.  I used some #6-32 x 3/4" stainless screws with nylon lock nits.  When I go it tightened up I trimmed the excess length wit a Dremel.



I cut the stitching loose from the pad that normally goes under a strap on bag.  I used the thin pad that was inside. and glues it to the black plastic to smooth and pad the bumps from the nuts.  I then used a piece of rubber gripper material from the bottom of the pad to line the inside of the tankbag.




(disclaimer: use caution with hot glue. I did manage to get it on my fingers a couple times :mad:) 

I think it came out pretty good. Here is a pic of it mounted on the bike.



Yes it does make contact with the handlebars on full lock.  Right turn it contacts the seat heat switch. but didn't appear to move it.




The big question is does it honk the horn at full turns?



Mine didn't hit the horn, but it does contact the windshield adjustment switch, and it did lower it.  Of course the bag is empty, if it had stuff in it that possibly made a bulge or stiff spot at that place it may honk the horn.  Your results may depending on size of bag etc. 


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