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Advice for the UnRally Noob


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I am signed-up and eagerly anticipating participating in the UnRally. 


The bike will be in good tune with lots of tire life left. I'll have clothes, some cash,  a toothbrush, and a credit card.


I plan to arrive Sunday following TEWKS and i'll be staying off-site, once i check-in at the hotel i have no idea what to do next.


How does one go about "UnRallying"?  What do i need to know?  


Besides my Nav5 GPS should i have any other electronic devices?  I don't listen to music or make phone calls when riding so i don't have a bluetooth communication device, but i could borrow one from a friend for the week.


I'm a bit of an Introvert and ride solo most of the time. i have no real experience as a follower on a group ride, the last thing i want to do is to break a riding rule i am unaware of.  

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I won't divulge the NOOB induction rituals. 


Other than that you will do fine.


You will join the other old pharts: Eat, ride, tell lies. And, since you are a NOOB, no one will have heard your lies before so you will have  a great.


One other thing. Don't get suckered into "Chasing Bernie"!:rofl:

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I still feel like a new guy and have stayed off site for an event, so I do have a piece of advice for that. After you get settled in your place, head over to the main lodging spot and find out where the hangout spot is (or just find some old dudes near bikes in the parking lot). Introduce yourself to whoever is around and in no time you’ll be meeting everyone. Or st least a bunch of people. 


Probably you’ll find some folks you get along with, and if they’re going for a ride later/tomorrow/whenever you might like to ride toward somewhere you might like to ride you can join in, or just go ride when and where you like and meet up along the way or just talk about it when you get back to the lodging area. 


In in any case I’m sure you’ll have a great time. 

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You wouldn't know it from all the blabbing I do here but introvert describes me pretty accurately.


The group rides that I've taken part in the past have usually been smaller but I'd be happy to lead any size group on some of the day rides for the week. :thumbsup:


No plans on being Ricky Racer but with the GPS routes (hopefully transferable) to your device you can ride your own ride if more comfortable.


Another funny about myself, I feel like you get to know your friends much better if you spend a little time on the road. Which leads into being more comfortable telling lies at social time. :dontknow: :grin:

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Group rides: It's easier in some way to have bike to bike comms, but it requires prior planning. Not required in any case. The best rides are usually small groups (4-6), and you'll have enough days to try out different riding partners. I've definitely found some riders here I really like riding with. 

Each ride-group will have a style to it...leader, no leader, formal rules, no rules.  Like any first time riding with a group, you should ask at the beginning what the style and norms are. (CBs, Hooning, cruising, formation, etc.) [My personal taste has me decline formation or cruising-speed rides. Hooning is outside my risk envelope...but only by a little]


I'm staying offsite this trip too...but I'll be hanging at the "in place" as long as they'll have me.


Meal plans are usually done completely on the fly: "Hey..where you goin' for dinner? Oh, that sounds good, I'm coming too!"  Usually in small groups (4-8) as it's easier for the restaurants and seating and stuff. 


Pics above are good ways to find friends you haven't met yet. :D



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@Oldironken  @TEWKS


I think we should get TEWKS to lead us on a fun route. He has posted some great pix and knows the roads.


I think you/we need to see Lake Placid, the location of “The Miracle on Ice”, Ticonderoga and ride up the “motorcycle only” road. 



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Looking forward to it! :thumbsup: We'll have to work out the PG&P (Pee Gas & Picture) :grin: thing but that shouldn't take too long. ;)

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