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Recommended mechanic/shop near Laconia, NH?


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I'm trying to get my bike ('99 RT) up to speed and back on the road after being in storage.  I need to have a few things done that I just don't have the experience nor the correct tools to complete myself.  Since Laconia is more or less known for HD's (especially during bike week), I'm looking for information on known mechanics/shops in the area.  Anyone have any experience/recommendations?




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You might see if you can find Chris Harris. He has a lot of Youtube vids on oilhead maintenance and I know he's in NH, not sure where. I'm not sure what BMWST members think of him but i've watched a lot of his videos and while I'm not a pro mechanic, I have been maintaining my other bike myself for 10 years so know a bit and appreciated his knowledge and foul language. I'll likely use some of his vids to guide me thru routine maintenance. He seems focused on oilheads. 




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Max has a shop in North Hampton; that's about 90 minutes southeast of Laconia, on the coast. They have a good reputation (though I had a frustrating experience with them personally, I will say that just about everyone at THREE of their shops tried hard to make it less so), but they can be busy in the summer. I know they offer pickup service in some areas if that's a help to you.




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